About us

NIKOBA Auto Trading (PVT) Ltd

In the year 2003 Nikoba Auto Trading revved up the corporate engines with a mission to be the dominant force in the automobile industry in Sri Lanka. As any organization NIKOBA grew accumulating experience and stepped in to the World Wide Web in the year 2005. The success kept on knocking at our door step with occasional downs moulding us to be conscience driven businessmen that has led us to become one of the favourites for any quality vehicle needs. Now Christened as Nikoba Auto Trading (Pvt) Ltd we keep on building ourselves on the trust capital striving to give our precious customers, an all deserving service.

Our Stories

We are transparent. Dealing with our precious clients and tending their sensitive needs to earn a better quality in life we are driven by morals which have become the foundation for our specialty in selling low mileage good quality cars, presenting the "Auction Sheet" which shows the real condition of the vehicles in our backyard.

We are proud of being the largest online auto-exporting carport, functioning in Sri Lanka that brings the automotive technology from the world renowned Japanese automotive manufacturers. We want our clients to reach the level of complete satisfaction, that's why we have focused on Japanese used cars because of its numerous advantages where some can be listed as follows:

  • Japanese used cars are impeccably maintained and of excellent quality with comparison to other countries.
  • Japanese cars come with an established grading system which comprehensively scrutinizes the vehicle in topic, giving a clear picture regarding the quality of the vehicle for customer choice.
  • Cost effectiveness merged with a highly reliable technology

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